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Ambulatory Transport

What is Ambulatory Transport?

There are many types of hospital transport available for patients who need a little extra assistance getting from here to there. Because of this, you may be a little confused by all the options. One of the services that we offer at Caliber is ambulatory transport. But, what is that and who does it benefit? Let us explain a bit more so you can see if this is something that may be useful for you or someone you know.

Ambulatory transport is a type of transport designed to help patients who can walk at least for a short distance on their own. Perhaps they are wheelchair bound but are able to get up and down out of the wheelchair either by themselves or with minimal assistance. This may qualify for ambulatory transport. Patients who walk with a walker or cane are also eligible for ambulatory transport.

What makes ambulatory transport different from other forms of hospital transport is that the patient is able to ride sitting up without having to be in their own wheelchair or a stretcher. For patients who are able, this is a great thing as it feels much more “normal” plus the overall service is a little faster since there is not a need to carry a stretcher or chair into or out of the vehicle.

If you would like to learn more about the ambulatory transport services available at Caliber or you have other questions about hospital transport in general, reach out to our offices today. We are excited to help you get to your appointments and maintain as much sense of normalcy as possible. Let us help you get to your next appointment comfortably, safely and with all the services you need.

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