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Bariatric Transport

How Bariatric Transport Helps Patients Thrive

Medical appointment transportation can be a challenge for anyone. However, for those patients who are significantly overweight, it is a huge problem. That’s why Calibur offers bariatric transport services. These services are designed for patients who weigh 400 points or more and are challenged with mobility issues that sometimes coincide with this higher weight.

Patients who are significantly overweight or obese often have other conditions that mean they need to see a doctor on a regular basis. This can include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or other ailments. However, for patients who struggle with mobility getting to and from the doctor can be a big challenge on its own.

Our bariatric transport offers the space you need to be comfortable and our staff members are trained to help you with your specific needs and challenges. Unlike taking a taxi or calling for an Uber, you will be sure the vehicle is designed to fit your needs and there are never any concerns whether you’ll be safely buckled in or not.

Whether you just need to go to your regularly scheduled appointment or you are visiting a doctor for assistance in weight loss or maintenance, bariatric transport is a great solution that can help give you or a loved one that independence that you need and want--without sacrificing comfort and safety.

If you would like more information about bariatric transport or our different types of medical appointment transportation designed for other patients, reach out to us at Caliber today. We are 100% committed to making every ride you take comfortable, safe and secure--no matter what challenges you face. Chat with us and let us make at least one part of your life a little easier.

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