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Made for our front line teams, learn about precautions and best practices. 

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COVID testing & reporting for schools & universities.

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Caliber now offers Rapid Testing for TN residents. 

Starting at $15.


Get your questions answered and connect with our team. 

With thousands of COVID+ patient transports, Caliber is the COVID Expert. 

We're confident in our protocols, policies, and processes. 


100% of Caliber's Crew Committed to be Fully Vaccinated.

Caliber’s commitment to customer, community, and crew safety have always been first priority. Today we’re announcing another first; requiring 100% of US Crews to be fully vaccinated before 9/30/2021. This is in addition to testing every crew member, every 72-hours.


While temperature checks may help identify infection, many COVID+ patients are asymptomatic, meaning no fevers or shortness of breath – showing no outward signs or symptoms. 


With negative test results, you can be confident our crews do not present a risk to your residents or staff.     


Caliber’s crew have the NAVICA app to verify their test results, as well as a printed copy of the Department of Health submission. Simply scan their NAVICA ID and see testing info. 


Raising our standards proves Caliber is Built for Healthcare.


Pam Calvert, RN

Caliber's Director of Health

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Caliber is Ready. COVID Ready.

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We're transporting COVID Positive patients every day. If we can help you, your family, or your facility, let us know.


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Read about PPE, hand washing, and how to help with patient transport.


Laundry, pets, and more - learn how to manage and keep home clean and safe.

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Disinfect your everyday tech. Clean phones, tablets, and laptops with this guide.