Technology that helps with social isolation,

reminders, medications, lights, non emergency medical transportation, and more.

Caliber+Cleverly can bring it all together. 


"Alexa, call home."


Video and voice calls are easy. Say, "Alexa, call home."


Control lights, locks, temperature, and more. Say, "Alexa, turn off the lights."


Get medication reminders. Say, "Alexa, remind me to take meds at 7AM."

| Caliber + Cleverly |

An End to Isolation 

Caliber understands the needs of both the elderly and their caregivers. Cleverly is an expert in technology and how people use it. Working together, Caliber+Cleverly is improving aging in place.  

Isolation in seniors is a threat to the health of mind and body. Many caregivers report isolation of their loved one as a primary source of stress.

Technology as a Solution

With HomeStage, Cleverly matches needs based on the users' ages and life stages. Retiree HomeStage focuses on ease of living with handling simple tasks while not over complicating things. 

The ability to 'drop in' on mom, seeing and hearing her, can help bridge isolation. Echo devices are easy to use, easy to maintain, and require little training. 

Cleverly can help create a solution as simple or as powerful as you want; while still keeping it all in budget. 

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