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Caliber [credo]

We are here to help others.

To be there when needed,

to go when called, 

to do our best work, 

all with Christ at the center. 


We are a group of people.

Every day we are thankful,

for those around us,

for the opportunity to serve.


We create belonging. 

Treat everyone fairly,  

give more than we get,

are understanding and forgiving. 

It’s always possible to be nice. 

We listen, understand each other,

make mistakes and fail,

learn from those same failures,

then do it all again tomorrow. 

What we do says who we are. 

Compassion is our why, our core,

finding a need and fulfilling it, 

all without expecting any recognition. 



Caliber is made up of people. 

People who show care.

People who work to leave this 

world better than they found it. 

People who are here to help others.

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