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Disability Transport Services

Welcoming in New Residents With Disability Transport Services


If you have a senior home, residential nursing home, or similar residential project, consider the advantages of working with disability transport services. Disability transport services make it easier for new residents to move in, by giving them the option of being picked up by a service that is dedicated to their care.


Often, patients may move directly from a hospital to a nursing home or senior home. They may not be able to easily transport themselves from the hospital to their new residence. Offering a special transportation service is an excellent way to great them, and to smooth over the moving process.


With a dedicated, specialized transportation services, there's less likelihood for accidents and incidents. If residents need to be transitioned from bed-to-bed, they can be. If they're in a wheelchair or temporarily in a stretcher, they can be transported by experienced professionals. Give us a call, and we can discuss your options today.

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