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Hospital Transport

Non-Emergency Hospital Transport for Bariatric Patients


Bariatric patients need additional care and compassion when being transported to the hospital. No one wants to pay emergency fees for an ambulance when it isn't an emergency, but transporting bariatric patients can be a challenge. Our services include specialized transportation for Austin, TX patients from 300 to 500 pounds.


We are trained in the transportation of bariatric patients, and we have the equipment needed to ensure that they get to their destination safely, and with the care and respect that they're due. Bariatric patients may need frequent hospital transport, but may not be able to be conventionally transported, especially if they have additional mobility issues.


Our trained personnel are able to help with wheelchair services, stretchers, and more, to make sure that any patient gets the care they need. Ask us about our one way or two way hospital transport, to and from hospitals, medical visits, and more.

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